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Infertility Treatments at Hegde Hospital – Breathing new life to scatter the gloom of infertility

 The modern times have brought about a wave of change in most things, including our health. While there has been a growth in the treatment technology, so has been the case of certain disorders. Infertility is one of them.
Most people consider a diagnosis of infertility as a severe blow on our hopes and plans. Most couples grow anxious and disappointed after every failed attempt to conceive successfully. It doesn’t have to be so. While infertility does create a shadow on your hopes, it is nothing untreatable.
HegdeHospital, Madhapur, Hyderabad stands out from the many in the field, with its world class facilities and services of one of the pioneers in infertility treatment, Dr. Vandana Hegde. The hospital is widely known for its safe, hygienic and subtler handling of infertility treatment, breathing new life for the number of childless couples seeking treatment here.
Infertility treatments at Hegde
Hegde hospital incorporates the latest and most advanced procedures in infertility treatment under its roof. They are carried out with great care within the bounds of a well in place safety and hygiene protocol.
Infertility treatments are planned after a thorough evaluation and counselling of the patient. The various infertility treatments available here include ovulation induction and timed intercourse, IUI fertility treatment, Conventional, minimal stimulation or natural cycle IVF, ICSI, IMSI, in vitro maturation and Frozen embryo transfer.
Advanced treatment methods such as intralipid therapy, preimplantantion genetic screening, fertility preservation, sperm and oocyte freezing, embro-cryopreservation are also available here.
What sets Hegde Apart?
The skill of the doctor and the efficiency of facilities available have a very significant role to play in the success of every treatment procedure. You get both at Hegde. We leave no stone unturned to realise your dreams of a happy parenthood. We also do not believe in giving you false hope and hence all procedures carried out are well ingrained in transparency.
HegdeHospital based in Madhapur, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh offers the best in class infertility treatments in line with the latest technology.

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