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Become a Mom Soon - IUI Treatment

Infertility” has been a stressful health issue among many couples. This inability affects the entire family. We did not have a proper treatment to make the couple fertile in the old days. But, now there are many advanced infertility treatments available on the hands. One such Infertility Treatment is called IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination).

 iui treatment

What is IUI?
In IUI procedure either the Partner’s or donor’s sperm is injected into the woman’s uterus to initiate the fertilization process in a sterile ambiance. Intra Uterine Insemination is recommended to the cases where the sperms do not meet the egg. IUI increases the probability of sperms reaching the uterus and egg fertilization.

IUI Procedure:
After completing all the pre-IUI workup such as ovulation, scanning with ultrasound, blood tests the fertility specialist starts the main part of IUI procedure.

 IUI treatment

Preparing sperm for IUI:
After receiving the partner’s sperm sample, it will be washed and prepared for the IUI procedure. The sample is washed so as to remove the toxins possibly present in the sperm that may negatively react with the woman’s body. Sometimes such chemicals cause allergies which could deter pregnancy. The washing process also concentrates the sperms in a high volume. The high concentration makes the healthiest, most motile sperms to reach the ovum which in turn increases the IUI success rate.

Sperm Insertion:
Insertion of healthy sperm/s into the uterus is a quick and painless process. The patient is advised to lie down on the table. The fertility specialist will insert a thin, flexible catheter into the cervix. The washed sperm is now injected into the uterus. A number of motile sperms are directly deposited into the uterus than the normal process which is a major advantage of this procedure. So, increased ovum and sperm infusion, increased egg fertilization is expected.

IUI Follow-up:
The patient will be called out after a week of IUI procedure to check the progesterone levels. The uterine lining is also checked at the same time. By checking the uterine lining thickness, the effectiveness of the IUI procedure will be confirmed by the fertility specialist.   Finally, a pregnancy confirmation test is done about two weeks after insemination.

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